Working with Client Area

Login to your client area:

Navigate to "Account" and then click on "Login" button
Username is the email ID on which this account is created.
Password (You can click on "Forgot Password?" if you do not have the client are password. You will receive the password reset link at registered email)

Once logged in, click on the "Services" and then "My Services". Click on the Package Name or respective domain name.

Click on "Manage Domain" to manage followings:

  • Change name servers
  • Disable / Enable Register Lock
  • Manage DNS Records
  • Manage Email Forwarding
  • Buy ID Protection
  • Change Contact Details
  • Get EPP Code

Click on "Login to cPanel" to Manage:

  • Email Accounts
  • Disk usage
  • FTP Accounts
  • Backup Wizard
  • Database Management and many more

Login to Webmail
Manage cPanel Password
Upgrade / Downgrade Options


  • Check Invoices
  • Make payment
  • Check quotations


  • Check Ticket Status
  • Check Announcements for Offers
  • Knowledgebase

Open Ticket for quick support

Please visit and chat with our support team for quick response.  


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