What is Web Hosting? Why It’s Needed?

What is web hosweb-hostingting?

Ho w many of you have files and folders on your computer? We are more than a hundred percent sure that all of you do. Your files are stored on your computer’s hard disk, readily and easily accessible for you.  Similarly, when you talk of a web page think of it as a file on your computer. Just as you need your computer to store your files, all web pages require a computer to store them.

However the difference lies in the fact that web pages are meant for the public to see. For this to happen, they require a computer which must be of a much higher specification than a simple desktop PC or laptop, and must be connected to the Internet through a very powerful link. The computer on which web pages are stored is called web server, a bunch of web pages is called a web site and collectively all the existing web pages on this planet is known as World Wide Web.

Web sites and web pages are made available to many users through what is called web hosting. Web hosting is nothing but a ‘web space’, a space for your web site to run on the web. Web space is measured in megabytes, the same way as the space available on the desktop PC is measured.

Why do we need web hosting?

There are many people who have absolutely no idea what to do to get their web site started. First and foremost, one needs to understand the difference between web hosting and domain names. A domain name is nothing but ‘an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet’, as defined by Wikipedia. For example: www.hostingnox.com

The domain name will point to your web hosting account. There are a list of web hosting sellers out there, one being Hostingnox Solutions. For first time users, free and unlimited offers are available for the first week. You get started at the lowest prices, Linux, Java and Windows hosting, Dedicated servers, VPS server and attractive Reseller hosting offers. Go to the website to get more insight http://www.hostingnox.com/